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I am honoured to be able to share with you the following
reflections from some of my clients:


" You have been so instrumental in all that has been good for me this year. Your work is like a ripple in a pond - my growth has helped so many others from the work I've done with you. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, your professionalism, your guidance, and your rock steady realistic optimism. I have been blessed." 
~ T.C.


"Cheryl Adams has helped me through the darkest time of my life. My daughter has been "cutting" (self harming herself) and was diagnosed with depression. She attempted to commit suicide which brought me to my breaking point of having "anxiety and depression." Cheryl has great insight and was able to provide me with coping skills and guidance to take care of myself during this difficult time. She has this amazing ability to relate to people in whatever stage you are at in your life. Cheryl is gentle, honest and empathetic and also has a "tell it like it is" approach which enabled me to work through my pain. After recovering from my depression, my husband and I separated. With her insight and guidance I was able to see my part in the relationship, which lead to a reconciliation with my husband. I highly recommend Cheryl; her loving energy, dedication and support has helped me to grow and live my best life." ~ C.R.

"All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put Mumpty Dumpty together again. But Cheryl could. Through a lamentable period full of life's trials and big falls, Cheryl helped me as no one ever had. With all I learned from her, I can now put myself back together quite nicely and, better yet, avoid the damned falls in the first place! A confessed connaisseuer of therapists, I have experienced none better."  ~ M.M.


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