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I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice in the Victoria and Western Communities areas.

I received a BA in Psychology in 1999, and an M.Ed in Counselling Psychology in 2004 from the University of Victoria. 

Continued Education is very important, and I am currently engaged in the two year program of Somatic Transformation, offered by Dr. Sharon Stanley.

Recently, I provided instruction in Group Processes to students of City University of Seattle, Langford Campus. I also provide training occasionally at the Justice Institute of British Columbia in their Violence Prevention Program.

I have extensive experience working in child protection, working closely with family members to address issues that interfere with parents being the kind of parents they want and desire to be for their children.

One area of focus for me, personally, is mindfulness; I have a deep belief that in bringing increased awareness to those things that happen around me I can continue to learn and grow and thrive, despite circumstances that arise. I believe that people can change, and I understand that each person is her own expert; I offer respectful and clear guidance for co-creating strategies that assist people to move toward their goals and dreams.

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